Balinese Massage

16 February 2019

Traditional Balinese Massage

The experience of relaxing and satisfying the body and mind

The traditional Balinese massage or Pijat Bali is an ancient therapy for the healing of the island of Bali (Indonesia) and together with the knowledge of medicine and traditional herbalism, helps its inhabitants to feel more beautiful and healthy, both internally and externally . This is what is known as Jamu (Indonesia's own medical system). The traditional Balinese massage (Pijat Bali) is a highly evolved and consistent combination of techniques, including: massage, acupressure, reflexology, stretching, aromatherapy, cupping, medicinal baths ... etc, in the same session.

For hundreds and hundreds of years, merchant ships moved through the so-called "islands of spices" (the Indonesia of today) from countries like India, Japan, Thailand and China. That is why, the Balinese massage is inspired and strongly influenced by: the classical Indian medical science and supported by the Ayurvedic texts (Ayurveda), while from China arrived all the techniques of acupressure and knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as in turn greatly influenced the entire Thai medical system and its own massage techniques.

Tradition says that the Balinese massage is "the gift of the Gods" for humans to preserve beauty and health. Specifically, it refers to the legend that describes as the Goddess Laksmi of Indonesian mythology, considered the goddess of beauty who possessed 4 arms, was who taught and transmitted to the people said massage techniques.

The traditional Balinese massage is a deep and, in turn, delicately delicious massage, and is designed to work almost every muscle in the body. The masseuse will use a wide variety of techniques, including acupressure movements, both digit-pressures and palmar pressures, long or short kneading, rubbing and pinched kneading typical of this massage, work with knees on back, massage performed with the feet (Pakai Kaki or Mejejek), etc.

It is carried out with natural oil that is applied throughout the body making a medium / high pressure. The massage oils used during the session have a tranquilizing effect and their sensual influence induces deep states of calm and relaxation. The fundamental characteristic of the Balinese Massage is its effective and powerful relaxing, therapeutic and healing effect.

As in other massages, one of the main objectives is to achieve a relaxed state of mind. The Balinese believe that to have a true relaxation there must be a good blood flow throughout the system. It is believed that when blood and oxygen are flowing freely then Qi, or vital energy, will flow freely as well. This massage is also designed to deeply relax tense muscle tissue, working it to such a deep level, that it is often compared to Ayurveda.

Techniques used in traditional Balinese massage:

Kneading: Kneading is one of the key movements. It is applied with the whole hand, grasping and squeezing every part of the body. Whole muscle groups are worked. They are made, in turn, pinzados rolled and massage of deep tissue.
Frictions (Gosok): This technique is treated in deep areas where there are knots, which are undone with the fingertips by circular and vibratory movements, avoiding linear pressures. Sometimes the skin is heated by hot compresses and Cajeput balsam is applied.
Acupressure: inheritance related to the therapeutic Chinese Tui Na massage, in which firm pressure is applied to specific points of the body. This pressure helps to relax the muscles, and is believed to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself. Acupressure can also help promote blood flow, relieve pain and relax tension.
Stretching: Through stretches you try to recover little by little the lost flexibility and take the receiver to postures inspired by yoga allowing you to reach a much deeper state of relaxation.
Reflexology: it consists in exerting pressure in certain parts of the body, in particular, the feet, hands and ears. These body parts are believed to have points that correspond to the different organs and systems of the body. By applying pressure on these reflex points, problems related to organs or health in general can be addressed with excellent results.
Other techniques that can be used during a session of Indonesian Pitjit are: Jambak or Pijat Kepala (massage of the scalp), Ceroh or Kerokan (in China it is called Gua Sha: technique of palpation, stimulation and skin scraping), Cupping (Bá Guàn The use of suction cups).

In addition to those previously described,


In the back eliminates all tensions and overloads.
In the area of ??the chest and abdomen, it favors the heart rate and opens the energetic channels.
In arms relaxes the entire musculature, from the shoulders to the tips of the fingers, emphasizing the most affected areas.
In feet and legs drains, promotes circulation and mobility.


Muscular and joint pains.
Sleep disorders.
Stressful situations.
States of anxiety or depression.
Treatment of allergies and breathing difficulties such as asthma.
I want to enjoy one of the most delicious massages in Asia.

Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and the repository of one of the best massages in the world: the Traditional Balinese Massage. And this is a perfect choreography in which the therapist, through smooth, rhythmic and deep movements, dances with his hands on the patient's body to free him completely, and this has been the case for thousands of years.

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